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Armstrong Rapid Manufacturing

Plaster Mold

  • Aluminum & Zinc alloys
  • Rapid tooling technology
  • Tool-less prototypes available
  • Zero drafts possible in specified areas
  • Excellent for prototypes to production levels of thousands

Graphite Die Casting

  • Aluminum 356, 380, 390 and Zinc ZA-3, -8, -12
  • Surface finish 64 rms
  • Low-cost graphite tooling is excellent for prototypes & bridge to production die casting

Dry / Air-Set Sand Casting

  • Resin impregnated sand casting
  • Aluminum & Zinc alloys
  • Low-cost tooling for larger parts with superior surface finish to traditional sand casting

Reaction Injection Molding 

  • Polyurethane parts
  • Superior cosmetic appearance
  • Does not require uniform wall thickness
  • Material flowability allows for louvers, ribs, bosses, openings
  • Best for larger parts in quantities of 5000 or less
  • Often used for panels and enclosures for electronics & medical devices

CNC Machining

  • Hogouts to produce low volume parts or prototypes
  • Real-time design change ability
  • Available for metals and plastics
  • Can machine castings to achieve additional features and improve tolerances
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